‘Who you gonna call?’



City Beat – The Bakersfield Californian
BY THEO DOUGLAS tdouglas@bakersfield.com

Your ears weren’t playing tricks on you at Tuesday’s mayoral forum. Mayoral candidate Karen Goh really did make a “Ghostbusters” reference. And mayoral candidate Kyle Carter really did borrow it moments later to get one of the biggest rounds of applause of the night.


Interestingly, both candidates used proper English to ask the audience of nearly 100 at the Kern Agricultural Pavilion the famous question in Ray Parker Jr.’s movie theme song.

“There’s a famous movie line that goes, ‘Who are you going to call?’ Who are you going to call if you want a mayor with depth of experience in business, who are you going to call? If you want a mayor with vision but practical plans, who are you going to call?” Goh said in her closing statement.

But then she left the door to the, er, Containment Unit open for Carter to play off the same reference.

(That’s the firehouse area where the Ghostbusters kept the various entities they’d captured.)

And he did, in his own closing.

“We need a leader that’s tried, that’s proven, that’s done the job for 41 years as I have. She says, ‘Who are you going to call?’ — I would call me. Because I’ve done it. I mean, I’ve started out at the bottom and I’ve worked my way up. I’ve not only owned but I’ve run a $100 million a year company that I started from nothing and got up to $100 million a year in revenue,” Carter said, referring to Kyle Carter Homes.

The crowd roared when he said the line, forcing him to talk over them for a few moments.

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